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length become hard to read. For advice on the use of wiki markup, see, help:Editing ; and for guidance on writing style, see. Another is that certain bots and scripts are set up to expect the categories, stubs and interlanguage links to appear in that order, and will reposition them if they don't. Several alternate titles Sources "Citations "Bibliography may also be used, although each is questionable in some contexts: "Sources" may be confused with source code in computer-related articles, product purchase locations, river origins, journalism sourcing, etc.; "Citations" may. If multiple sections are wanted, then some possibilities include: For a list of explanatory footnotes or shortened citation footnotes: "Notes "Endnotes or "Footnotes" For a list of full citations or general references: "References" or "Works cited" With the exception of "Bibliography. "References" and "General references.

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While categories are entered on the editing page ahead of stub templates, they appear on the visual page in a separate box after the stub templates. 10 The most frequent choice is "References other articles use "Notes "Footnotes or "Works cited" (in diminishing order of popularity) for this material. For hatnotes, see Wikipedia:Hatnotes. Whatever the validity of the original rationale, there is now the additional factor that readers have come to expect the appendices to appear in this order. See, for example, this RfC. Rationale for placing navboxes at the end of the article. Publications listed in further reading are cited in the same citation style used by the rest of the article. Two exceptions: Wiktionary and Wikisource links may be linked inline (e.g. Articles longer than a stub are generally divided into sections, and sections over a certain length are generally divided into paragraphs; these divisions enhance the readability of the article.


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If box-type templates are not good, either because they result in a long sequence of right-aligned boxes hanging off the bottom of the article, or because there are no external links except sister project ones, then consider using "inline" templates. Short paragraphs and single sentences generally do not warrant their own subheading. First lines are not indented. Do not make a section whose sole content is box-type templates. "Works" is preferred when the list includes items that are not written publications (e.g. Content Appendices 1 Works or publications (for biographies only) See also Notes and references (this can be two sections in some citation systems) Further reading External links 2 Bottom matter Succession boxes and geography boxes Other navigation templates (footer. 8 "See also" section See also: Wikipedia:Manual of Style/Embedded lists  Related topics (navigational lists) Contents: A bulleted list of internal links to related Wikipedia articles. An image that would otherwise overwhelm the text space available within a 1024768 window should generally be formatted as described in relevant formatting guidelines (e.g., WP:imagesize, MOS:imgsize, Help:Pictures#Panoramas ). Keeping the "External links" last is also helpful to editors who patrol external links. If one or more articles provide further information or additional details (rather than a full exposition, see above references to such articles may be placed immediately after the section heading for that section, provided this does not duplicate a wikilink in the text.

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