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this grouping remains debated. An Anglo-Saxon Dictionary (Online). Crawford, James (1 February 2012). Globish uses a relatively small subset of English vocabulary (about 1500 words with highest use in international business English) in combination with the standard English grammar. Many users of English in the expanding circle use it to communicate with other people from the expanding circle, so that interaction with native speakers of English plays no part in their decision to use English. Fortis obstruents, such as /p t s/ are pronounced with more muscular tension and breath force than lenis consonants, such as /b d z and are always voiceless. Modern English developed mainly from Mercian, but the Scots language developed from Northumbrian. "Chapter 2: The Place of English in Germanic and Indo-European". For example, the girl was stung by a bee (emphasising it was a bee and not, for example, a wasp that stung her or The girl was stung by a bee (contrasting with another possibility, for example that it was the boy). Cambridge Textbooks in Linguistics.

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Australian English grammar aligns closely to British and American English; like American English, collective plural subjects take on a singular verb (as in the government is rather than are ). In Bas Aarts; April McMahon (eds.). He woke up in the morning and he ran up in the mountains are syntactically equivalent. Many of these words had earlier been borrowed into Latin from Greek. It is generally stated that English has around 170,000 words, or 220,000 if obsolete words are counted; this estimate is based on the last full edition of the Oxford English Dictionary from 1989. Clusters of nasal and stop are only allowed in codas. The subordinating conjunction that shows that the clause that follows is a subordinate clause, but it is often omitted. Norse influence was strongest in the north-eastern varieties of Old English spoken in the Danelaw area around York, which was the centre of Norse colonisation; today these features are still particularly present in Scots and Northern English. "he sent it to himself" or "she braced herself for impact. Archived from the original on 9 September 2010. Phonology Main article: English phonology The phonetics and phonology of the English language differ from one dialect to another, usually without interfering with mutual communication. English writing also includes a system of punctuation marks that is similar to those used in most alphabetic languages around the world. Most count nouns real escort göteborg sexiga par are inflected for plural number through the use of the plural suffix - s, but a few nouns have irregular plural forms. Auxiliary verbs mark constructions such as questions, negative polarity, the passive voice and progressive aspect. The chair is mine ). Regularisation of irregular forms also slowly continues (e.g. Hammarström, Harald; Forkel, Robert; Haspelmath, Martin, eds. For example, the view of the English language among many Indians has gone from associating it with colonialism to associating it with economic progress, and English continues to be an official language of India. General American and Received Pronunciation vary in their pronunciation of historical /r/ after a vowel at the end of a syllable (in the syllable coda ). Retrieved 10 February 2015.


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